Virtual Happy Hours

Teooh is an interactive, avatar-based platform that allows you to host a virtual happy hour with friends or co-workers from around the world to spend time together and expand your cocktail-loving community across countries and cultures.

Why Teooh for Virtual Happy Hours?

Teooh brings the fun back into online gatherings.

personalized happy hour venue

Personalized Happy Hour Venue

Teooh allows you to chat with friends or co-workers in your own customizable virtual happy hour venue.

socialize and shoot the bull

Socialize and Shoot the Bull

Just because you can’t meet in person for happy hour, doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate!

virtual happy hour in Teooh

Why Limit Your Happy Hour?

Want to enjoy happy hour but not in the mood to go “out-out” (or, really, out at all)? Enjoy Happy Hour from anywhere, with anyone...from anywhere!

Happy Hours Venue

Whether it’s a group of friends or a post-work drink with teammates, Teooh is the perfect place to gather together and socialize with your connections at a virtual happy hour.