Online Support Groups

Bring your inspirational, motivational and mindfulness communities online.

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Whether you want to move an existing face-to-face group online or start a new support group that meets virtually, Roomkey can help you.

Taking the time, virtually

We’re in week-whatever of a global pandemic, and you may be struggling if you’ve been accustomed to getting help and support from in-person groups—whether it’s a mindfulness activity, motivational speech or another health issue, or just looking for guidance with an issue but you prefer the privacy, anonymity, and convenience of an online forum, online support groups are a great way to carry on.

What are the benefits of virtual support groups?

With Roomkey, there are no time limits, you can have shared or private tables or rooms. You can create rooms with up to 50 people. You can invite people privately and discreetly directly via the app. Become inspirational speakers, give a motivational speech, or even share mindfulness exercises.

Reduction of Communication Barriers

The flexibility to use audio based communication in avatar platforms provides options for users to choose a communication mode with which they feel most comfortable.

Talk to Just Your Table

Private audio means you can chat to people on your table without other people hearing.

Anonymity to Promote Treatment-Seeking

Users who are reluctant to engage in online treatment via videoconferencing due to fear of discrimination have been successfully treated in virtual platforms, where the user is able to use an avatar and pseudonym that disguises their ethnicity.