Support & Help

There are lot of ways to get support for your mental health online. Via avatars you can interact with others & create your own private sphere where you can talk.

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Support & Help

Create a community where you can help, listen and share with.

Everyone is entitled to get expert, non-judgemental support with mental health issues. When you need to talk, it's not easy especially on sensitive subjects. With our rooms, you start by creating your own personalised avatar. Build confidence and self-esteem when meeting new people. Then you can go on to share and discuss those topics with your online communities, host fireside chats, or easily break out into smaller tables for private chats.

Group Sessions

Support groups are gatherings of people (virtually) who share common ground in some way and can offer each other emotional support. Support groups come in many shapes and sizes. Some might be more structured, like those offered by a nonprofit organization or mental health clinic. Others might be independent and run by people like you or me who just want to gather with others over a virtual cup of coffee once a week to talk about our struggles.

Private Sessions

Get face-to-face or online support. Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Changes, situations and challenges in life can leave us emotionally drained. Effective psychological therapies can help you improve and maintain your mental health. Create sessions that are tailored to your unique needs.