Social Events

Whether your hobbies are online gaming, pub quizzes or you just want to meet, Roomkey makes it easier and fun.

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Virtual Event Ideas

Pick and mix from an array of virtual social ideas online or create your own.

With online social events becoming more popular, finding fun and interactive ways to do this couldn't be easier with Roomkey.

Host your own virtual cocktail masterclass, go number crazy with virtual bingo or even host your own event.

Meeting New People Online

Create rooms where you can hangout and meet people. Setup your own RPG area and invite gamers to talk and play. Our rooms are designed to hold lots of people and even give you that private space, in case you want to break out into mini groups.

How to create great virtual social events?

Creating or joining a social event is so much easier. Be the host of a chat show, or stage your own comedy club, with our rooms you can do anything,

Online Parties

Online Parties

Whether you're looking for an online quiz or pub quiz online, even that birthday party, virtually you can have so much fun.

You can create virtual pub quizzes and play along with those in your own home in teams, or invite other friends and family members to join, all from the app.



Show off you talent for online gaming or create your very own Virtual Comedy Club, we have the perfect venue for your audience.

Virtual Dating

Virtual Dating

With a dedicated speed dating room, online virtual dating just got more fun. Just take your phone/laptop, and get ready to meet singles from the comfort of your home. It's safe, easy and entertaining.