Intimate Fireside Chat

With just a click of a button, moderators, panelists, and attendees can gather together in a virtual space complete with a cozy fire, tables, and a realistic stage. Gather people from around the world and expand your community across countries and cultures in your own personal event space.

Why Roomkey for Intimate Fireside Chat?

Fireside chats flourish in Roomkey.

Personalize Your Venues

Roomkey allows you to gather with panelists and audience members in your own customizable virtual room.

Engage and Interact

Allow attendees to network at tables, host Q&A sessions on-stage, react using emojis, and so much more!

Build Genuine Connections

Engage with industry experts, discuss current events, or share insight in a fireside chat, then hop into the crowd to meet new people and grow your network.

Intimate Fireside Chat Venue

The intimate fireside chat venue is perfect for smaller-scale fireside chats.