Singles & Dating

Online dating & Singles Gatherings are one of the most popular ways to meet someone new. Meet like-minded singles in fun & immersive virtual rooms.

Get Started

Walk into the room to just to chat, meet casual dates, or on the look out for that perfect partner, you can know meet anyone virtually. Online dating is a great, non-intimidating way to put yourself out there.

Social Nights-Out

Black ties and cocktail dress at the ready. Dress up your virtual avatar and get online. Meet new groups, singles dates or just a virtual pub night out.

Speed Dating

Just take your phone/laptop, and get ready to meet singles from the comfort of your home! It's safe, easy and completely virtual! You can join singles events from anywhere.

Speed Dating Tips

If you’re needing some advice and top tips to get you started on your online speed dating adventure, here are some ideas.

You cant connect if you dont have a connection

Make sure you have a decent WiFi connection and are connected to your broadband, not mobile data if possible.

Dont let technology let you down

Test your mic and camera beforehand so you know it’s working.

Keep the juice level high

Plug into power. Yes, your laptop lasts hours unplugged under normal circumstances, but video links with sound and brightness turned up will drain it fast.

What do you wear?

Smart casual or go crazy with colours and styles, but ultimately you should pick an outfit that reflects who you are. with our Avatars, you can go crazy.