Remote Meetings

Teooh allows you to host events, network, and gather together on a virtual platform like no other. Meet with connections from around the world, and expand your network across countries and cultures in your own customized meeting space.

Why Teooh for Remote Meetings?

Teooh simplifies remote work, allowing anyone from anywhere to connect as if they were in the same room.

Customizable Meeting Venues

Teooh allows you to network with contacts in your own customizable virtual room.

Meet with Clients, Teams, and New Connections

Meet with your connections at tables, present from the stage, react using emojis, and so much more!

Facilitate Company Discussions

Remote meetings are simple with Teooh. Whether it’s an internal meeting, a discussion with potential clients, or a global networking event, Teooh facilitates discussions quickly and effortlessly.

Teooh is Easy as 1, 2, 3!


Create an Event

Simply download the Teooh App or click “Create Your Event” above.


Create your Avatar

Before you join the event, you must create your avatar. Personalise your avatar’s face shape, hair, skin, clothes, and more! This is your chance to present yourself to your community and make your avatar your own, so have fun!

create avatar in Teooh's virtual reality platform


Host an Event and Invite Your Community!

Once you create your event, you will be given an Event Key in the form of a website link. Simply share this link with your desired attendees before your gathering begins, and then join the event yourself!

Pro tip: Put your finger on the screen and drag around your view to look around the venue

Choose the Venue Format That Best Suits Your Connections

meetings and business networking events in Teooh's avatar based virtual reality platform

Large-Scale Meetings and Business Networking Events

Make presentations to your team, host fireside chats, sell tickets, and interact personally with your community. Perfect for large companies, virtual networking events, and global leadership networks.

remote company meetings in Teooh's avatar based virtual reality platform

Remote Company Meetings

Meeting with your network doesn’t have to involve expensive plane tickets or fancy-hair-and-shirt-on-top, pyjamas-on-bottom video calls. Connect with your company and global network for free from anywhere, decreasing the environmental impact and costs.

team meet-ups in Teooh's avatar based virtual reality platform

Remote Team Standups

Host daily stand-ups, make a business plan, and meet remotely — all in Teooh’s unique, customizable venues. Bring loved ones closer together in Teooh.