Outdoors & Adventure

If you're planning to surf the waves, or climb the nearest mountain, virtual meetings are the best way to learn more. Share your outdoors & adventure experiences online.

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Outdoors & Adventure

Outdoors & Adventure now in your very own living room, kitchen, bedroom, garden - anywhere in the world!

Virtual adventures give you way of interacting with all of your friends and family in the comfort and safety of your own home. Whether you’re looking for a weekend activity, online adventures give you the opportunity to do something a little different together, without having to worry about social-distancing.

Adventure Trails

Whether you're planning a new adventure outside or want to show others ones you have already, our rooms are the perfect space to share your experiences. Run through maps and terrains, share your screen, photos and chat about meeting new people.

Training & Equipment

If you've done Rock Climbing, Sailing, or Scuba Diving, you can appreciate how important the expertise and experience of others is. Learn from others experiences. Start a community where you can share best practices, introduce new techniques and equipment.

Adventure Parties

If you love adventure and love using your imagination, by combining the two, you can create special experiences. Setup hour-long hilarious and magical journeys that they will never forget. Run immerse interactive storytelling scenes and imaginative play scenarios. Create experiences that your friends will be talking about for weeks to come.