With our senses starved and our social lives sidelined, these are ideal conditions for binge-listening — and boom times for music geeks.

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Music has proven to be a crucial aspect in lifting people's mood during lockdown. Not just listening to it, but also sharing and learning about music. What tools work best to facilitate connection, dialogue, and musical experience? What strategies lend themselves best to online teaching? What assignments will foster music-learning during this time? Here, you can answer all these questions and more. whether its an audience or a group of students, taking your musical skills online is easier and much more fun than before.

Music Lessons

Whether you wanted to learn about Acoustic Music or Songwriting, create and run your learning session online. From expert one-to-one tutoring across a wide range of subjects to group based sessions, meeting virtually online can be so much fun.

Music Groups

Create your next jam session group here. Find and socialise with others with the same interest. Meet virtually with new members. Create a sense of being together.

Music Quizes

Whether you're a rockstar or a classical orchestrator, online quizes are so much fun. From the roots of Hip Hop to Jazz, Latin Music to 90's hits, there are so many ways to experience music genres and have fun at the same time.