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The explosive growth of gaming during the pandemic has shown that many have found a new outlet for much-need connection in isolation. An outlet you can naturally socialise in. Helping old and new players alike keep connected, social and sane. Gaming brings communities together. Create your own community. Looking for inspiration? Need ideas about what to talk about?

What have you been playing lately?

Gamers love to talk about the games that currently have their attention. They might be trying out the new free-to-play game that all their classmates are talking about, the current release of an annual shooter or sports game, or going through a classic. No matter what it is, you can learn a lot about a gamer by what game (or games) they are playing right now. Do they only focus on one game at a time? Are they into trends and lean toward games that they can talk about with their peers? Or do they tend to play older games that they know they’ll enjoy from personal experience?

What is your favorite game? (And why?)

Everyone has a favorite. Just like a preferred book, movie, or song, certain games make an impact and rise to the top of favorite lists for gamers. Sometimes they play that favorite game all the way through from time to time, sometimes it’s the game they’re always playing, sometimes it’s just one they played as a kid and now play nostalgically. Once they’ve established their favorite game you can always follow up with asking them what about that particular game makes it their favorite; maybe it’s the music, the art style, the time it came out in their life, or the challenge that particular game provides.

Are there any games coming out soon you’re looking forward to?

New games are coming out all the time, and gamers are always looking forward to the hot new thing around the corner. If you ask a gamer what they want to be playing later this year, you’re sure to hear a variety of answers. Maybe they’re looking forward to the newest fighting game, or the new Battle Royale mode in their favorite FPS game, or that epic new RPG coming out.

Looking for topics to talk about? Want banter on the latest games? Cheats, tips and tricks? We've put together a list of sites that can help you find the latest and greatest, so you can get on with creating your virtual rooms.

Ritual Motion

Ritual Motion is more than just a brand: it's a way of life. A place to connect, discover and share with other gamers and streamers.


Gamespot is the all-in-one resource for gaming news, launch info, trailers, guides, walkthroughs, downloads, and of course, reviews with new content posted nearly every minute on topics ranging from the new character in Overwatch to an explanation of major PS5 features.


The Steam Community platform is a subset of the broader Steam website and company, which is the digital distribution service for video games. Self-described as “the ultimate destination for playing, discussion and creating games,” Steam is great for all.