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Virtual classes and podcasts. From fine dining to cocktail or dinner parties. Create your own social food & drink events.

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Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Whether you like asian food or are a dab-hand at BBQs. Getting online and sharing your best recipes, reviewing bars and restaurants you've visited, could not be easier. Start your own coffee and tea socials, run a cooking class, host a virtual dinner party.

Live Food & Drink Events

Our rooms are ideal to get together to discuss and share information on all kinds of topics on Food & Drink. Use our rooms for 1:1 learning, create your own Food & Drink workshops. Share videos or recipes. Run you own cooking workshops.

Dinner Parties

Virtual Dinner Parties are where you entertain separately but together. These digital get togethers can be just as heartwarming, fun, and wild as IRL ones. All you need to do is figure out the tech, prep your place, pick the menu, and—this part's key—enjoy yourselves. With our rooms, we take the pain away from tech. Signup, pick a room, invite your guests and off you go!

Cooking Classes

Even with concerns about the Coronavirus and social distancing mandates keeping many of your customers at home, there’s still a great opportunity to connect and enjoy incredible flavours together virtually. Hosting a virtual cooking class is not only a fun way to engage your community online during these challenging times, but it also provides an opportunity for you to show off your personality and your own knife skills.