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People are moving online to keep fit. Search for online communities and information is growing at an exponential rate. Moving to an online format has allowed classes and communities to grow in number and expand geographically. These are more than just opportunities to get moving — they provide a way to stay socially connected too.

Nutrition & Training Programmes

Our rooms are ideal to get together to discuss and share information on all kinds of topics on nutrition and training programmes. Use our rooms for 1:1 consultations, create your own nutrition workshops. Share videos or playlists for exercise programmes. Run you own cooking workshops.

Virtual Workout Classes

Jump-start your commitment to regular exercise with online workouts and fitness communities that give you the motivation you need to keep working out at home. Share experiences in chat rooms, discuss what worked and the benefits you gained. Start with everyone saying "hello" and discussing current events.

Fitness Podcasts.

Podcasts are a great way to learn about whats happening and trending in the industry. Live interaction has always been a barrier, but not here. Use our dedicated rooms to create a virtual reality podcast studio. If you're stumped for ideas, there are some great resources out there for men and women. You can join from anywhere. A great way for personal trainers to stay connected and broaden their user base as well.