Facebook Group Lounge

Does your Facebook Group need a virtual space to meet, plan, or just hang out? Roomkey is the perfect place — Facebook groups of all kinds can gather together on a virtual platform like no other. Meet with group members from around the world, and expand your group across countries and cultures in your own personal event space.

Why Roomkey as a Facebook Group Lounge?

Feel like you’re sitting right next to your fellow Facebook Group members in Roomkey's one-of-a-kind lounge.

Customizable Lounge

Roomkey allows you to join together with your group in your own personalized virtual room.

Socialize and Interact with Connections

Chat with your friends at tables, give a presentation on-stage, react using emojis, and so much more!

Facilitate Group Discussions

Creating genuine connections is simple with Roomkey. Whether it’s an existing Facebook group or a group filled with brand new connections, Roomkey facilitates discussions quickly and effortlessly.

The Perfect Facebook Group Lounge

Facebook Groups grow and thrive in Roomkey.