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The Coronavirus pandemic is forcing global experimentation with remote teaching. There are many indicators that this crisis will transform many aspects of life. Education could be one of them if remote teaching proves to be a success.

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Benefits of Virtual Learning Environments

Virtual classrooms can work very well and are the future of learning. Online learning is something that kids at all stages in the education system can use, and to great effect too.

Increased inclusivity

The first benefit to virtual classroom learning is that shy students will often find virtual classes much better to participate in. It means they don’t have the anxiety that might come by raising a hand in a real classroom with other students watching them.

Improved accessibility

Virtual classrooms are accessible to any child providing they have access to a computer and stable internet connection. It doesn’t matter what their mobility is like, they are able to login to a virtual classroom and start learning.

Greater flexibility and comfort

Kids can learn at their own pace with pre-recorded virtual classes, dipping in and out when it’s the best time for them.

It’s also more comfortable learning from home and can be better option for children who have a physical disability where traditional establishments may be challenging to access.

Expanded world view

Kids who learn in virtual classrooms will often get to meet and learn with children from all over the world and from different cultures and backgrounds.

Insights into how other cultures and people approach problem solving can help children to better their own skills.