Virtual Events for Real Communities

Roomkey is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional events. We can provide a social experience for groups of people who otherwise can't attend events in-person. Scale your events globally without scaling overhead costs.

Offer your community a unique experience

Attendee's customize their avatar, and then control their character as if it was a real event

How Roomkey Works


Plan your event

Pick a format and date that is best for you and your community members


Invite your community

Share your Booking link on your newsletter, Twitter, and more.


Join your event

Just open our app and you'll be placed inside of your personal event venue... don't be late! 🙂

Choose the Virtual Event format best for YOUR Community.

Virtual Meetups

Your community lives all over the world, so you need an event venue as accessible as your content.
Capacity: Up to 100 attendees
Purpose: Sharing domain expertise

Virtual Mastermind Groups

Gather together an intimate group of people to engage in conversations like never before.
Capacity: Up to 24 attendees
Purpose: Roundtable discussions

Virtual Fireside Chats

Participate in a fireside chat on stage and capture the attention of a real-time audience.
Capacity: Up to 100 attendees
Purpose: Sharing domain expertise

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