Community Meet-Ups

With just the click of a button, your community can join together in a virtual world. Meet with your global community and expand your connections across countries and cultures in your own personal event space.

Why Roomkey for Community Meet-Ups?

Community Meet-Ups flourish in Roomkey

customizable meet-up venue

Customizable Meet-Up Venue

Teooh allows you to gather with your community in your own customizable virtual room.

grow community connections in Roomkey

Socialize and Interact with Connections

Build relationships with your connections by engaging in discussions at tables, reacting using emojis, creating genuine connections and so much more!

facilitate community discussions in Roomkey

Facilitate Community Discussions

Roomkey facilitates discussions between existing communities of colleagues, friends, and Facebook groups, or groups filled with brand new connections.

Meet-Ups Venue

Meet-Ups are the perfect place to facilitate discussions and build deep connections.

hosting community meetups in Roomkey's avatar-based virtual platform