Committee Meetings

Roomkey is an interactive, avatar-based platform that allows you to gather together on a virtual platform like no other. Meet with your committee from anywhere at any time in your own personal event space.

Why Roomkey for Committee Meetings?

Committee Meetings flourish in Roomkey.

customizable meeting venue in Roomkey

Customizable Meeting Venue

Roomkey allows you to gather with your committee in your own customizable virtual room.

make plans or socialize in Roomkey

Make Plans or Socialize

We know that committee meetings aren’t all business — with Teooh, you can be as professional or as fun as you want!

facilitate committee discussions in Roomkey

Facilitate Committee Discussions

Hop up on stage, chat with individual committee members at breakout tables, or share your opinion using emojis!

Committee Meetings Revitalized!

Shake up your committee meetings by hosting them inside of Roomkey! Bring the fun back into decision-making and planning.

hosting committee meetings in Roomkey's avatar-based virtual platform