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Meet friends & family

With just a click of a button, you can host a casual event in a virtual platform like no other. Kick back and relax with friends and family around the world in your own personal space.

Hang out with friends

With our innovative technology, you can meet your friends whenever you want. Honestly, how long has it been since you've seen your friends? In the virtual room, you can talk and catch up to your heart's content.

Meet new people

Meet new people and make new friends online. Virtual community hangouts are so much fun. Create your own and start inviting people.

How to get you casual events working virtually?

The success of a private meeting depends on the simplicity and informality of the atmosphere.

Test Run

Just test it before you go

A successful online video conference needs innovative technology. To ensure that your meetings run smoothly, it's best to do a test phase. If everyone simply tries out our tool in advance, nothing will stand in the way of the next family reunion.

Set Rules

Set clear rules

At family gatherings or when sitting together with friends, there is often a lot of talking across each other. To prevent your virtual get-together from becoming chaotic, set clear rules for communication. That way, everyone gets a chance to speak.

Make Time

Makes sure everyone has time

For successful online communication, it is important that everyone has time. Ask in advance when all members can join the virtual meeting at the same time. Similar to celebrations, online meetings work best when everyone invited knows when to be where.