Boardroom Conversations

Teooh allows you to host boardroom meetings and conversations remotely on a virtual platform like no other. Meet with board members from around the world, and expand your business across countries and cultures in your own customized event space.

Why Teooh for Boardroom Conversations?

Teooh allows you to feel as though you are in the same room as your fellow board members.

customized board room meeting venue

Customized Board Room Meeting Venue

Teooh allows you to meet with your team in your own customizable virtual room.

meet with your board of directors

Meet With Your Board of Directors

Meet with your entire team, break out into smaller groups to discuss, react using emojis, whisper to those around you, and so much more!

facilitate board discussions

Facilitate Board Discussions

With necessary business tools like screen-sharing, Teooh facilitates discussions quickly and effortlessly while adding an element of connection only comparable with in-person meetings.

Boardroom Conversations Venue

In Teooh, conversations among board members are simple, personal, and professional.