10 Ways to Use Teooh

The sudden ban on all gatherings both large and small has had a huge effect on our lives. So many of the positive fibres in the fabric of our lives were stripped away; the birthday parties, business meetings, pub quizzes, conferences and meetups that had long given us a social outlet. Thankfully, the digital and virtual age we live in provided immediate solutions and opportunities. It seems like overnight so much of our lives shifted to the virtual realm, with video conferencing and virtual event platforms becoming the norm at the speed of light.

Creativity prevails in times of change, and there has been no shortage of creativity in times of coronavirus. People moved rapidly to find new ways of meeting, socialising, exchanging and even partying from home. Virtual gathering platforms have allowed us to stay social in a time of isolation.

To help you get creative about how you might meet, greet and celebrate from home, we’ve compiled a list of 10 ways you could use our avatar-based virtual events platform.

1. Conduct a business meeting or interview

“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein

Life must go on, and so must business. Sure, Zoom and Skype are great for meeting clients or interviewing candidates, but sometimes they’re a little too personal. Especially if your home office includes children or even worse; inconsiderate housemates. It might be a good idea to swap the face-to-face for an avatar-based platform, which has some great benefits (including not needing to dress or groom for the occasion, we won’t judge.)

Why not even make it a fireside chat, for extra cosy vibes?

2. Throw a birthday bash

If you’ve been unlucky enough to have had your birthday the last couple of months, we feel for you. But it’s the thought that counts, right? So why not get the gang together and host a surprise party for someone? You can all meet and hang out in Teooh’s virtual event space, and have a bit of craic (that’s Irish for a certain kind of fun you can only have with friends!)

3. Run a language exchange (a tandem)

It’s been a great time to learn a new life skill and maybe you have chosen to brush up or learn a new language. There are so many amazing online resources to streamline the process, but one of the most important aspects of learning a new language is sparking conversations with people in your new language.

A virtual event space allows people to roam and meet other participants as they would at a real tandem event, allowing them to use their language on a social level.

4. Bust a rhyme with a Rap Battle!

If you’re looking for something a little different and are this way inclined, why not host a rap battle for your crew (or office colleagues?) Teooh can allow people to gather as they would in real life, through an avatar-based platform. That means you could challenge someone to a throw down and even have your audience literally crowd around as they would IRL.

5. Take that conference or summit online

Cancelling your conference is a big deal, with some pretty nasty consequences and a lot of loose ends to be tied up, not to mention the disappointment it causes your hopeful attendees. You could, however, take the event online into a virtual events space, taking advantage of one of Teooh’s super cool event spaces. You can still have your speakers present and your guests sit in attendance, all from the comfort and safety of their homes.

6. Host a pub quiz, or bingo?

Whichever floats your boat: quizzes and bingo events are great ways of getting people together for something fun, a laugh and maybe a little competition. Even better if there's a prize at stake. While Teooh’s event spaces may not serve alcohol, they are still a handy and engaging place to run a quiz.

7. Run a workshop or class

Workshops with physical activities may not be possible for the moment, but teaching singing, public speaking or even philosophy (or whatever you’re into!) is still very much possible with a virtual event platform. Gather everybody around in a virtual event space and engage your participants in ways not possible via Zoom.

8. Have some networking time

Let's say you’re hosting your event via Zoom, you’ve got guest speakers and audience members, but how can they mingle just like they would at a real event? Think of how many relationships have been formed through networking events, it’d be a real shame to lose that aspect. A virtual event space such as Teooh allows people to mingle in a realistic space, react to each other using emojis, and connect on social media. It’s a great way of facilitating that all-important networking time after the event, and to let people meet their heroes!

9. Give a speech

There is certainly no shortage of big issues facing us these days, and public speeches are a great way of confronting then. While you may not be able to stand on a big stage right now, why not stand on a virtual stage, in an event space such as Teooh. Invite your audience to come and hear your thoughts and create a sense of collective action by allowing others to see the audience in a physical space.

10. Organise an influencer meet-up

Influencer meet-ups are a great way of networking amongst some of the most powerful people in today’s society. A virtual event space might be the perfect way to allow influencers to mingle, have fun and make connections.