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The Social Entrepreneurship Festival

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  • Doors Open May 27th
  • 6:00 PM BST in London
  • 1:00 PM EST in NYC
  • 10:00 AM PST in California

With all of the life changes we've all had to endure during 2020, it's no wonder 'social' is one of the important topics of 2021. Social media, social issues, and just plain 'being social' with friends. Although last year was one of the hardest years in history, we here at Roomkey try to look at the positives and see the glass half full. As a result of the pandemic, it feels as though many people have woken up to the importance of family, friends, and even strangers. The human connection is a vital part of our daily energy and mental health.

We've seen social media apps like Twitter take center stage as they helped facilitate a global conversation around social issues. Acting as a place to both love and support one another and also voice frustrations with the pandemic.

We've seen social issues around the world come into the mainstream with a number of companies, organizations, and people stepping up to help fight the good fight. Whether it's improving mental health, prejudice, or poverty, we are collectively fighting against inequality. It's at least comforting to know there is a global movement picking up momentum, following the footsteps of strong leadership from great companies like Thrive Global.

And of course, being social with friends. In a year where Zoom deserves millions of 'thank you' letters for keeping us connected, it's been tough to find those fun moments of serendipity. Usually they occur at events, in public transport, at bars, and amongst dinner tables with friends. With all the change in the world around the different applications of social, we are coming together with Biz Stone, the pioneer of social and the co-founder of Twitter inside of the Roomkey Metaverse for a positive event to discuss how we continue moving forward into this new normal.

Featured Speaker:
Biz Stone

Roomkey - Biz Stone & Avatar
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Co-founder of Twitter, Inc. (NYSE: TWTR)

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Co-founder of Medium Corporation (

Icon - Beyond Meat

Board of Directors of Beyond Meat, Inc. (NAQDAQ: BYND)

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Special Advisor to founders of Pinterest

Icons - Slack, Square, Intercom

Angel investor in Slack, Square, Intercom

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Entrepreneur of the Decade

Icon - Time Magazine

100 Most Influential People in the World

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Nerd of the Year

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Innovation Award

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Roomkey is launching 12 weekly shows happening in the Metaverse!

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Roomkey - Meet Founders Brand

The Venture Capital Show!

Hosted by Andrew Bott (MeetFounders) to discuss startup and investment topics with some of the leading VCs across Europe and North America.

Each episode gives audience members the chance to be part of their live studio audience, ask questions to the panel, and network with top investors and startup founders. Attend to bring your startup to the next level, make industry connections, and even pitch for funding.


Roomkey - Soundcheck Brand

Mixers for Musicians and Music Executives

Following a brief tenure as executive assistant to Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation records head, White launched Soundcheck, a multi-faceted music conglomerate, complete with everything from promotions and artist management to collaborative album projects, with Ne-Yo and Mario. White recognizes the value in not just being creative, but also savvy within the industry. Alongside his position as a Roomkey executive, he's launching a virtual talk show series, 'Soundcheck Connects', in an effort to use Roomkey's platform to further bring together artist, A&R's, producers and label heads from around the world. The Roomkey platform enables communities to clone themself as avatars, and then get together to discuss their passions.


Roomkey - Victory Art

Virtual Art Galas

In collaboration with Roomkey, Victory Art has launched a new series of online events called "ArtTalk: Behind the Art", which will take place twice a month and host some of our most admired artists. This events series is dedicated to all art lovers looking to get exclusive insights into our artists' journey, their inspirations, and more details about their art and outlooks into the Eastern European art market!


Roomkey - Online Breakfast

Boost Your Career at The Shortcut’s Bi-weekly Online Breakfast Talks

Want to take your career to the next level? Start your day with The Shortcut's Online Breakfast and learn from the experts!

Being in the heart of the vibrant startup ecosystem in Finland, The Shortcut is an impact-driven organization that promotes holistic professional development and entrepreneurship. As the first early adopter in Finland, The Shortcut hosted a successful virtual speed networking recruitment event in early May 2021 on Roomkey.

Check their upcoming events here:

Roomkey - Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

Meetups about Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

In order for the tech industry to thrive, diversity and inclusion must be a priority. DINT is a free online community set up to make connections between people who care about diversity and inclusion in tech. We're here to make it easier for those people to share what they know with like-minded peers. We host monthly meet-ups, networking sessions, and discussions once a month via Roomkey, and we stay in touch via a Slack group.


Roomkey - Dffrnt

Fireside chats about startups and venture mindsets

Founded by host, Ash Phillips, Dffrnt is on a mission to democratise entrepreneurship by providing business benefits and on-demand support to a global community of creators. Think Dffrnt is an event series celebrating the weird and wonderful origins of incredibly companies and the people behind them. Learn more with deeper questions than you'll find at other events and join in by asking your own too!


Roomkey - How Cool Is This?

A weekly show hosted by the hilarious duo from How Cool Is This?

Brian Reitz and Nick Holder are the hosts of How Cool Is This?, a 5-minute podcast about what's cool. Each episode examines a new idea submitted by listeners, including everything from creating peace in the Middle East to better tools for picking up dog poop. They host 'This Week in Cool', an interactive comedy and talk show, live in Roomkey on Thursdays at 8pm Eastern.


Roomkey - Blocumen

Blockchain Meetups to discuss DeFi

Blocumen is one of the leading Blockchain communities in India. We've already had guests involved in DeFi like the Founder of Zilliqa, amongst many other great entrepreneurs in the space. Come listen to how crypto and blockchain are taking over the world! And enabling the Metaverse with virtual goods, assets, and more!

Roomkey - Interrupt The Routine

A weekly Trivia night hosted in Roomkey, like a pub quiz!

YOU DON”T WANT TO MISS THIS! A weekly trivia night is run by the entertaining team at ITR! They bring avatars together into private tables in their venue and then host trivia nights using the screen share feature on their massive virtual TV screen behind the stage! This is a fun event, that is sure to bring your friends together for competition.

Roomkey - Being Virtual

The worlds first VR Talk show is now live in Roomkey

Bob Cooney and Roomkey announce that the livestreaming hit The Being Virtual Show will return for a second season beginning in May 2021. Virtual reality is going to change everything. It's already changing how we learn, work, and play. Soon, like with smartphones now, we will use VR as our primary communication and computing platform. The Being Virtual Show brings you the latest insights from the leading innovators in virtual, augmented, and extended reality (XR) so you can be prepared for this immersive future.

Roomkey - Face Africa

Weekly fundraising gala events for VIPs!

FaceAfrica is a non-profit organization bringing clean water to parts of Africa, and the globe at large. In 2003, Liberia emerged from a long and devastating civil war that took the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions. The country suffered massive destruction and the very fabric of society was torn apart; infrastructures were in ruins - roads, buildings, health clinics, communications networks, schools, farms and factories were almost totally destroyed. Saran their founder is acknowledged by Forbes as one of the most influential women in Africa, and it's no wonder she loves Roomkey!

Roomkey - Cluehub

Weekly Escape Rooms and game nights!

Cluehub host escape rooms and other fun games for their clients inside of their private virtual venue, which they created using our free product in app! They are a gamification company dedicated to corporate team building, training, onboarding, meetings, conferences, fairs & events. Its customisable features allow to personalize each game experience and connect up to 1 million users simultaneously. Learn new ideas to engage attendees, improve attention and enhance team work